This game was produced as an entry for the GMTK 2019 Game Jam

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Unfortunately, you had a rough day yesterday, and took it out on the factory workers. Turns out they didn't appreciate it and all quit!
You have Only One power source to run the Factory, and can't produce enough energy to run everything at once!  The Battery Orders are coming in so you better figure it out.

Objective: Use the incoming Raw Materials to create the different types of Batteries for each day's Order list.

Battery Assembly List is on a board in the Factory. For additional reference, below is a detailed explanation of Machines in the Factory, and how the Batteries are made. 

Machine List:

1. Material Dispenser - Provides Raw Material
2. Shipping Machine   - Takes Completed Batteries for your Order
3. Hammer Machine - Pounds Raw Material into a Battery Disk Piece
4. Saw Machine - Cuts Raw Materials into Battery Tube Piece
5. Acid Vat Machine - Turns all Battery Piece Types in to Shiny Battery Pieces
6. Laser Engraver - Engraves Shiny Battery Disk into Battery Horseshoe Disk Piece
7. Punch Machine - Punches Battery Tube Piece into Battery Square Piece, or Punches Battery Horseshoe Disk out into Battery Horseshoe Piece
8. Charge Machine - Super charges all Shiny Battery Pieces into Completed Batteries
9. Incinerator - Destroys Defective Batteries
10. Generator - Provides limited power to Machines (be careful not to overload it)
11. Carts - Hold up to 5 items, and are put into cart load and unload zones for conveyor belts
12. Plug/Cords - Plug one end into the generator and the other into a Machine to power it (1 power per machine in assembly line)
13. Power Switch - If you overload the Generator, unplug Cords from it and then flip the Power Switch to resume power

Here's the item path to make each type of Battery:

1) BBB Batteries: Raw Material -> Saw Machine (Battery Tube Piece) -> Acid Vat (Shiny Tube Piece) -> Charge Machine (BBB Battery)

2) Q Batteries: Raw Material -> Hammer Machine (Battery Disk Piece) -> Acid Vat (Shiny Disk Piece) -> Charge Machine (Q Battery)

3) J Batteries: Raw Material -> Saw Machine (Battery Tube Piece) -> Punch Machine (Battery Square Piece) -> Acid Vat (Shiny Square Piece) -> Charge Machine (J Battery)

4) ZR-3X Batteries: Raw Material -> Hammer Machine (Battery Disk Piece) -> Acid Vat (Shiny Disk Piece) -> Laser Engraver (Battery Horseshoe Disk Piece) -> Punch Machine (Battery Horseshoe Piece) -> Acid Vat (Shiny Horseshoe Piece) -> Charge Machine (ZR-3x Battery)

5) Defective Batteries: Placing any piece in an inappropriate machine

Barry Congressi
Chaseon Taranto
Jerried Ramon
Keegan Sommer
Logan Crosby
Matt Ramsey


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